Buggies & Strollers

Buggies & Strollers

Find the Buggy or Stroller that suits you and your little one here at Baby Prams. We have some great deals on a range of strollers. Lightweight and fold-able you can travel with ease!

Much like Pushchairs & Prams, babies can spend a large portion of their young lives inside of their Stroller, that is why it is critical that it is as comfortable as possible. Comfort is not only important for the baby but for the parent. Our Strollers are as easy to use as possible and will require minimal effort to move around whilst on the go with your child.

Buggies and Strollers are one of the easiest methods of transport for a baby available.

They are comfy, compact and easily accessible.

William Kent developed a Stroller in 1733 and later that year the Duke of Devonshire asked him to build a method of transport for his children. Kent did so by constructing a shell shaped basket with wheels which the children could sit in.

For 3 wheeled Buggies or Strollers, please visit the '3 Wheeler's' page within our categories.

Buggies have been around for over 200 years, needless to say they have had plenty of time for trail and error and have come a long way. Buggies and Strollers are now perfect and have everything you need for getting your baby around at a great price.