3 Wheelers

3 Wheelers

Three wheeler pushchairs are equipped to handle rougher terrains. Easy to steer with one hand these are perfect for parents on the go! Find the best deals on three wheeler strollers here at Baby Prams.

If our traditional Pushchairs or Strollers aren't for you, maybe some of our 3 wheeled vehicles could be of interest. Extremely good handling and great for turning corners and accessing difficult locations without having to remove your child.

All of our orders are processed via Amazon to ensure safe shopping.

Looking for something flashy?

Do you ever find yourself thinking "this buggie is nice, but I wish it had less wheels", well look no further! We have plenty of 3 wheeled products in store today.

Our 3 Wheeled products come from the same manufacturers that bring you the best equipment from our other categories including: Prams, Strollers, Tandems and more!

Many different countries design and alter their own versions of products. That is why what we have in store comes from all around the world.